We deal in wood crafting since the year 1967, when the company was founded under the name Berk d.o.o. In the year 2014, we have transformed as an organisation and entered the market as the PRIMA OPREMA brand.
Under the new brand, we respond to the more demanding needs of the market in the field of wood products. We have upgraded our knowledge and experience with an innovative approach, new designer and technological solutions and diversity, which distinguishes us from the rest.

Along with serial production, we offer manufacture by order. Our products are accomplished in design, which is ensured by our designers. Our technologists with rich experience make sure, that they are also functionally flawless and easy to use.


In the world of modern design, we have a clearly set vision, which we follow. We design products, which are distinguished by being technically accomplished and flawless, have innovative technological solutions and purified design.
We make an effort to be different from the others. Our products adapt to trends, but maintain an aspect of timelessness at the same time. Our products will never go out of fashion in terms of design, so you will never grow tired of them. With innovative design and technological approaches we ensure, that our products are different. Just as You are different from the others by recognising that.

Our products are distinguished by top quality which is a result of tradition and experience. Quality and longevity were two of the most important aspects of our work throughout the existence of the company. Thus you may find products, which we have manufactured in the earliest years of our operation, still serving their owners.

At the company PRIMA OPREMA we use sustainable practices. Raw material comes from the local area, we adhere to the highest standards in our work and purposefully put at little of a burden as possible onto the environment. We always attempt to find the most optimal solution - from raw material to the finished product. This is also enabled by a favourable strategic position, which ensures quick and rational delivery to the end user. This is our small expression of gratitude to nature for prime wood which it gives us so that we may create with it and make others happy as well.


In cooperation with out designers, we offer comprehensive service - from ideas to products. In the entire process, we attempt to satisfy the wishes and needs of our clients as much as possible. We adapt to your vision, adding our knowledge and experience, giving us a result, which is the pride and satisfaction of everyone.

In our work, we cooperate with architects. Thus, our products are never strangers in a space, but are a continuation of the designer process in the interior. We find the best solution together, so our products do the i of quality architecture.


Our range of products encompasses a broad spectrum of various living spaces - kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, mobile home and boat equipment, etc.


High demands of our business partners are not a barrier but instead a challenge. In our work with long years of tradition, we have cooperated with many business partners, among which are:
Hasena AG (Switzerland), Sit Möbel (Germany), 3s Frankenmöbel (Germany), T&G Woodware (Great Britain), Henke Möbel (Germany), Ilva (Denmark), Gray and Turner (Great Britain), HCS Group (Spain), Jutzler (Switzerland), Ikea (Sweden), Brest (Slovenia), Podgorje (Slovenia) and many others.